Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Featured Seller and Give Away: SaysYou

This month I am featuring a good friend of mine SaysYou. I meet her in college in ceramics class and we have just recently reconnected through etsy! Scroll down and enter the give away!!!!
Here is what SaysYou had to say:

How long have you been making embroidered items?
Christmas of 2007 I embroidered monograms on paper for several of my close friends. A few designs followed based on positive feedback, pirate ships and woodland creatures - I was trying to follow the trends.

Do you draw the images yourself or find images from other places to use?
In 2008 I began working exclusively on fabric and incorporating designs from my friends who are artists. Designs are drawn on paper and then traced onto the fabric with a "Mark-B-Gone" pen. The fonts I use for monograms are scavenged from free-font sites.

What inspires you?
I'm inspired by everything vintage, quirky, and rare. I love domestic wares for the home and I love creating a nest. Embroidery feels like the best of both of these things, a long standing womens' craft which is generally completed in the home, for the home.

Which websites do you sell on?
I only sell on Etsy through my shop, SaysYou.

What is your blog address?
www.shetwinkles.blogspot.com - She Twinkles (you can call it Shet Winkles if you are so inclined ;)

What is your favorite item?
I love the three little Matryoshka Nesting Pests - Franky, Bitey, and Wolfie. I might keep them for myself.

What are your 5 favorite shops of etsy?
I have to give props to my friends on Etsy. I do love SpoolofPlenty and I'm so proud of Angela for how successful she's been! I also love NervousMule - and my friend Nieves. TheHeyDayShop was the first person I didn't know who Hearted my shop - I bought several fabrics from her and I love them! ElisRecords has the best collection of weird records - Brandon is quite a curator and Eli is the best dog in the world.

Statement from you:
This feels like an adventure and I hope that more exciting things start happening through Etsy. I love making embroidered pieces, which is surprisingly fulfilling and is a welcome break after a couple of unsuccessful artistic endeavors. I think embroidery is just about as handmade as it can get and every piece is a little bit of me reaching out to you. I hope you love it.

SaysYou Give Away!

What is the item you are giving away?
A hand embroidered monogram - your choice of letter, style, color, and size. And of course, a few surprises
How to Enter:
1. Check out her shop: SaysYou
and leave a comment regarding her shop.
2. Post this giveaway on your own blog and leave a comment with the link
3. Twitter or Plurk and leave the link in a comment. (0nly one will count)
4. Buy and item from her shop and leave the transaction ID #

*Winner will be Chosen April 30th by drawing a name out of a hat :) Everyone has a chance!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Pin Cushions for Christie

I am selling cute pincushions for Christie of Christiecottage

This cute pin cushion is full of love and fluff! Measures approx 5 inches by 5 inches. Two super cute fabric squares and topped with buttons and adornments! $4 of this sale will go to www.christiecottage.etsy.com Christie is very loving , kind and always helps everyone but would never ask for help herself . so thats where we come in . christie is very sick and right now she needs our help.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do you need that Special Baby gift?

I have recently gone through some of my fabric and realize I have way to much! So I am creating custom rag quilt listings for you to build the perfect quilt for your little one! The print flannel is in the listing and then you pick everything else! Add Minky dot, embroidered squares and solids! If you buy a soft wonderful quilt, you can add a bib and burp cloth set to match for $10 more! All this ships for just $7! What a great baby gift for you or a friend! Well there you have it! Design it yourself baby quilts! What more could you ask for? Visit my shop at www.spoolofplenty.etsy.com today to get started!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Featured Seller: OakenstoneHandmade GIVE AWAY!

In honor of this months featured seller: OakenstoneHandmade, we are giving away this brand new Green product for the month of March! Mint Chocolate Whipped soap! This soap is creamy and rich with scent of mint and chocolate! Silky, smooth and lathers up great! The winner will be chosen at random on March 31st at 12am midnight. Please go to OakenstoneHandmade's shop check out her amazing products and come back and leave a comment.

Extra entries:
Post on Twitter or Plurk
Post on your own personal blog
Follow me!
Buy something from her shop and post the transaction ID

Please add a comment if you do any of these extra things!

March Featured Seller: OakenstoneHandmade

This month we welcome OakenstoneHandmade! She and I have gotten to know each other over the past few months by chatting in the chat room and sampling each others products! OakenstoneHandmade makes wonderful soaps and candles!

I sat down with OakenstoneHandmade and asked her a few questions:

How long have you been making soap and candles? 5 Years

Which websites do you sell on? Etsy

What is your favorite soap? Whipped soap Scent:Almond, Sandalwood and Sugar Cookie

What are your 5 favorite shops of etsy?

Why should you use handmade soap?I use handmade soap because it is great for your skin, has no harsh chemicals and is very moisturizing!

A note from the seller:

I am sure you will enjoy all of my Handmade Soaps and Candles. I take great pride and joy into making these all Natural products and have found great passion in doing so. I first got interested in making soaps and candles after realizing how harmful some of these products can be if they contain unnatural or harsh chemicals. Being a nurse and knowing how much I enjoy helping people I wanted to find a way to help people enjoy naturally healthy handmade soaps that are good for the skin and candles that are all natural and not harmful to the body.

I have various scents and sizes of candles and soaps. I can make almost anything you need or want. If there is a certain product/scent you want then please contact me, chances are that I will be able to make it. I don't have an inventory of products on hand due to the fact that I want each and every product to be handmade fresh when ordered.
Thanks to OakenstoneHandmade for her great work! Please check out her shop!