Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Featured Seller and Give Away: SaysYou

This month I am featuring a good friend of mine SaysYou. I meet her in college in ceramics class and we have just recently reconnected through etsy! Scroll down and enter the give away!!!!
Here is what SaysYou had to say:

How long have you been making embroidered items?
Christmas of 2007 I embroidered monograms on paper for several of my close friends. A few designs followed based on positive feedback, pirate ships and woodland creatures - I was trying to follow the trends.

Do you draw the images yourself or find images from other places to use?
In 2008 I began working exclusively on fabric and incorporating designs from my friends who are artists. Designs are drawn on paper and then traced onto the fabric with a "Mark-B-Gone" pen. The fonts I use for monograms are scavenged from free-font sites.

What inspires you?
I'm inspired by everything vintage, quirky, and rare. I love domestic wares for the home and I love creating a nest. Embroidery feels like the best of both of these things, a long standing womens' craft which is generally completed in the home, for the home.

Which websites do you sell on?
I only sell on Etsy through my shop, SaysYou.

What is your blog address?
www.shetwinkles.blogspot.com - She Twinkles (you can call it Shet Winkles if you are so inclined ;)

What is your favorite item?
I love the three little Matryoshka Nesting Pests - Franky, Bitey, and Wolfie. I might keep them for myself.

What are your 5 favorite shops of etsy?
I have to give props to my friends on Etsy. I do love SpoolofPlenty and I'm so proud of Angela for how successful she's been! I also love NervousMule - and my friend Nieves. TheHeyDayShop was the first person I didn't know who Hearted my shop - I bought several fabrics from her and I love them! ElisRecords has the best collection of weird records - Brandon is quite a curator and Eli is the best dog in the world.

Statement from you:
This feels like an adventure and I hope that more exciting things start happening through Etsy. I love making embroidered pieces, which is surprisingly fulfilling and is a welcome break after a couple of unsuccessful artistic endeavors. I think embroidery is just about as handmade as it can get and every piece is a little bit of me reaching out to you. I hope you love it.

SaysYou Give Away!

What is the item you are giving away?
A hand embroidered monogram - your choice of letter, style, color, and size. And of course, a few surprises
How to Enter:
1. Check out her shop: SaysYou
and leave a comment regarding her shop.
2. Post this giveaway on your own blog and leave a comment with the link
3. Twitter or Plurk and leave the link in a comment. (0nly one will count)
4. Buy and item from her shop and leave the transaction ID #

*Winner will be Chosen April 30th by drawing a name out of a hat :) Everyone has a chance!


Tickleworm said...

I love the hoboctopus! So cute! And all the different choices with monograms!!!!
Great shop!

nfmgirl said...

I love the hoboctopus, but all of the octopus are particularly cute! Very clever and cute! Very nice embroidery!

nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

The Perfect Trio said...

I have to say the Octopus' are my fave!!!! My fave is the King one!


Paulena B. said...

I really like your (her) hand embroidered monogram initials.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I added your RSS feed to my list.

Lindsay said...

What a cute shop!! I LOVE the octopi...They're all quirky and fun.

Lindsay said...

I also Twittered! :)

Spoolofplenty said...

The WInner is--The Perfect Trio! Thanks all!

Betsy said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! It was fun to watch them pile up and check out your sites and blogs. I hope you'll visit SaysYou or send me a message. ~ Betsy

Who's B? said...

I know I am late for a giveaway but I must say I ADORE the embroidered monograms.


Jessica Marie said...

beautiful embroider!

<3 Jessica