Monday, November 16, 2009

Ornaments for Adoption

A friend of a friend is trying to adopt! I thought I would post this so we could help them out!

Africa with Ethiopia marked by the heart; this is on both ornaments
We are painting and selling Christmas ornaments to help raise money to pay for adoption process. We were at a loss on how to begin raising money until a day spent with my fabulous friend Emily yielded two great ideas. The ornaments are the first idea!!!

If you would like to purchase an ornament, we would love to make one just for you or your family! The artwork is not perfect; we are not artists. We just want our children to come home. Spread the word to your friends as well. There are two options....

#1: Peace Love Africa
#2: Africa with "5 Million Minus 1"

$5 each

Love on "Peace, Love, Africa"
Peace on "Peace, Love, Africa"
Our Logo on the second ornament.

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